Gardenscepter gardentool

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One gardentool with 6 functions

How to use the Gardenscepter

The multifunctional garden tool tills, cultivates and weeds in one movement. It is gentle yet effectice and turns your garden work into a joy. The more you use it, the more you will discover it's unique properties and learn to make the most of them.

Deep tilling
Processes and loosens the soil down to 10-15 cms .
Cultivator and rake
Loosens, aereates and granulates the soil.
Seed drills
Pass the smaller copper hoop through the soil to prepare a seed drill
Rotate the smaller end of the Gardenscepter to drill cultivated holes for onions, leeks and bulbs.
Weeding between delicate plants is done without cutting or scratching.
Weeds come up whole, and tiny shoots tend to ‘cling’ to the copper thread.
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