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Ivan Nielsen Gardenscepter Danish designer

Ivan Nielsen

Born 1954 in Amager, Copenhagen.

Owner of company Naturens Vaerksted (Nature's Workshop) 

Oerslevvej 163, 4230 Skaelskoer

Artist and craftsman, Ivan Nielsen is a selftaught carpenter, builder, mason, stonecutter, designer and inventor. With an exceptional eye for beauty and functionality, Ivan creates unique products and projects. Ivans' creations include kitchen designs, bathrooms, furniture, natural playgrounds and restaurants. 


Ivan Nielsen has a large garden, and through many years he has toyed with the idea of a new kind of hand tool, which did not rust and wasn't heavy and clumsy as traditional iron tools. Inventing the Gardenscepter meant rethinking gardening and creating a tool, which has never been seen before. A tool with a strong, yet rounded copper hoop, which pushes through the soil rather than cutting it, and 'rolls' through the dirt without chopping and compacting the soil. 


The solid shaft is made of oak and has two copper hoops, a small and a big one, says Ivan Nielsen, who has spent almost 20 years perfecting the Gardenscepter.  -  The large elliptical hoop tills the soil in the depth and removes weeds without cutting them in pieces. This means slower regrowth of weeds from leftover roots in the ground. 


The shorter hoop is useful for making seed drills and setting bulbs. When you pull the hoop through the soil it digs a drill which is already cultivated underneath, loosening the soil and enabling the plants to grow. The same principle goes for drilling a hole for a bulb - you rotate the Gardenscepter and loosen the soil under the bulb.


Gardenscepter if effective and yet gentle, because the rounded copper thread does not scratch and damage the stems, stalks or roots of the plants. This means you can do your weeding even close to the most delicate plants without fear of damage, says Ivan Nielsen.


Gardenscepter is handmade Danish quality made of the best materials. Its simple yet elegant design makes the Gardenscepter pleasing to the eye and lets you hang it on the wall of your terrace or balcony to always be close at hand.


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